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This is Thursday’s episode. Sorry, it’s so late. I lost the episode. Silly me, I didn’t back it up. This is not the long episode promised. So, please expect more before the long break. I won’t say when because I don’t want to break another promise. Apologies again. Have a great week.   *** He could see her lips opening. […]


I’m so sorry that the episode wasn’t ready during the long weekend as promised. I was working so I should have known not to make promises. I came back from work on Monday and I had a few words written. Nothing else. But I think you will forgive me easily when you hear our news. The Aideyans became proud parents […]

Say You Will Stay

Say You Will Stay will be back at some point during this long weekend. I tried to put this announcement on earlier but my laptop was having none of it. Thanks to all those that commented recently, we appreciate. To those that volunteered to read the work that needs previewing, thanks, I will be in touch. Say You Will Stay […]

Say You Will Stay =TWENTY FOUR

If you missed the Easter post, Episode 23, please go back to catch up. This episode won’t make sense if you don’t. I don’t think many got the email alert for some reason. Or maybe they just didn’t open it, Lol. Too busy celebrating Easter. This one is dedicated to everyone that checked on us Easter Monday/Tuesday. Especially, Gorgeous, Nene, […]


Scroll down to read Episode Twenty Three. Don’t forget to leave a comment. One word, smiley faces and full pagers allowed. Please bear with me. Work is hectic at the moment. I was hoping to post Saturday evening but I went to work on Friday and didn’t get back until Saturday afternoon. This is what life is like at the […]


Hello Yarners, we have come to the Season Finale of Our Best Friend’s Wedding and it’s an elongated edition of your favourite web serial primed for your maximum pleasure. Incase you missed the latest installment of  – Say You Will Stay please click Here. Enjoy. #TheLastStand Written By – Aideyan Daniel/Jerry Ossai Based on a Story By – Olawale Adetula/Christopher Ogbuehi Directed By – […]


Hello Yarners, trust you’re having a great weekend. The A! Team will like to apologise for the length of time it took us to get out this episode of Say You Will Stay – we didn’t mean to torture our wonderful fans. We love you too much to think about doing that. Your favourite series is back today and we […]


Hello Yarners, it’s another beautiful weekend and yes – Say You Will Stay is returning this Sunday and Jumoke has plenty goodies for us, so please Say you will stay… This episode of  Our Best Friend’s Wedding is one I’m pretty sure you’d like and it’s one that’s worth every data spent watching. Enjoy and wait for the extra scene after […]

Say You Will Stay

Hi, hope your weekend is going fine? I’m working this weekend again and I don’t want to keep people waiting like I did last weekend. So, please let’s leave this episode until next Saturday. It will be ready then and it will of course, be longer. Super long. For people that have commented about recent episodes not being long, that’s […]


Hello Yarners, trust that you had a great week – we’re here to ensure it’s even a better weekend as we present the ninth episode of  Our Best Friend’s Wedding . Jade makes an unexpected friend, while Charles, Kemi and Onome dance in one interesting circle. And the soundtrack in this episode is dope! trust me, you’d love this. Enjoy. #PityParty […]

Say You Will Stay=TWENTY ONE=

I couldn’t post yesterday because I didn’t get back from work until quite late. Posting now before I dash off again, enjoy. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE **** Isio did not talk much on the way home. She couldn’t have. Obinna talked almost all the way through. Explained that he had missed her, that he […]


Hello Yarners, Say You Will Stay will be back tomorrow. Enjoy the eight episode of Our Best Friend’s Wedding in the meantime – and trust me, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss. Jade forming feelings with Tunde, Charles on another ‘wifey date’, and Onome doing what bad girls do. Enjoy. #PayDay Written By – Aideyan Daniel/Jerry Ossai Based on a Story By […]


So here we are, a day late. I have to learn not to make promises. And learn how to say sorry in different languages. Sorry again. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE **** The drive back to the house was unnervingly quiet. She had expected Isio to be asleep when she peered at her face. Her […]

Say You Will Stay

Say You Will Stay will be back tomorrow night.  Very late though. Please check in Monday morning if you can’t wait up. I’m so sorry I’m just letting you know now. I haven’t had internet access all day. I’m struggling to keep up with the Saturdays at the moment. As some of you know, everything is a bit hectic at […]


Hello Yarners, we return with the seventh installment of Our Best Friend’s Wedding – and on this episode, Jade enjoys a date out with a handsome hunk, while Charles recuperates from his black eye. Enjoy. Written By – Aideyan Daniel/Jerry Ossai Based on a Story By – Olawale Adetula/Christopher Ogbuehi Directed By –  Jerry Ossai Like we always do, you can drop your […]


It wasn’t light streaking into the room that woke Biba up. It was the voice of the woman by the door. She winced as she woke completely. Realising that the taut body next to her had not been imagined. That the time when he pinned her hands to the bed and he teased her with his tongue had not been […]


Hello Yarners, the sixth installment of Our Best Friend’s Wedding. Enjoy. Written By – Aideyan Daniel/Jerry Ossai Based on a Story By – Olawale Adetula/Christopher Ogbuehi Directed By –  Jerry Ossai Like we always do, you can drop your yarnings in the comment section to tell us what you think. —————– FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @aideyarn OUR OFFICIAL TWITTER PAGE —– Connect […]


Hello Yarners, it’s the fifth installment of Our Best Friend’s Wedding – as we continue the tale of Charles’ search for a wife. Enjoy. Written By – Aideyan Daniel/Jerry Ossai Based on a Story By – Olawale Adetula/Christopher Ogbuehi Directed By –  Jerry Ossai Like we always do, you can drop your yarnings in the comment section to tell us what you […]


Hello Yarners, I trust that 2017 is going great so far? The Team is here to make sure that we help in making your 2017 beautiful. Jumoke is taking a rest today and should be back next week for more episodes of your favourite serial – Say You Will Stay. The Team has however decided that in marking the end […]


Hello Yarners, this is something for your midweek delight, the fourth installment of Our Best Friend’s Wedding – Let’s see what happens after after Promise gets mixed up in drugs and drama. Will he live to tell the story? Enjoy. Written By – Aideyan Daniel/Jerry Ossai Based on a Story By – Olawale Adetula/Christopher Ogbuehi Directed By –  Jerry Ossai Like we […]


I apologise for the wrong link that went out yesterday. I would have put the post out but it wasn’t ready then. You can read the episode now. Thanks for your patience. Special hello to Titi and everyone else that notified us. Have a fabulous week. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE *** *** ***   […]


I’m sorry I’m late, please forgive me. Thanks to all those that reached out last week. My laptop is fine and I bought a new charger. It’s just other appliances in the house that packed up because of this electrical-wiring drama. They are tearing things down, rewiring the house as I speak. Anyway, enough about me there are people out […]


  Hello Yarners, I sincerely do hope you had a great week and that your weekend is going great? Well eerm… your favourite Team is here to make the weekend even better as we bring you the third instalment of Our Best Friend’s Wedding – then tomorrow – yes you read that right, we’re bringing out something tomorrow, as ‘Say […]

Say You Will Stay =SIXTEEN=

I  burnt myself  trying to get this episode out earlier. My laptop’s charger was on fire (faulty electrics- long story )  I pulled the charger off the laptop without thinking. I hadn’t backed up the work. Anyway, the laptop is fine. Thank God because 2017 has been super hectic. Hope you are all doing good. Have a fabulous weekend. Catch […]


    Hello Yarners, it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and it’s with great pleasure I announce the return of our ‘blockbusting’ serial “Say You Will Stay” – it will be dropping by 12:00Hrs WAT and all you need to do is stay with us as Isio and Obinna continue their love ‘nwantintin’. For now though, it’s time to see how […]


Happy New Year Yarners and welcome to twenty seventeen. I’d like to introduce us to something fresh – something that gladdens me, and something I’m sure you’d like. It’s my first script to have gone on to full production and it’s something I’m very proud of. It’s “Our BestFriend’s Wedding” – A web-serial produced by TheNakedConvos in collaboration with RedTv. […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 12

    It’s Boxing Day and it’s the finale of our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. I’d like to say a big thank you to Jumoke, Kwiksie and Banky for the great work and sacrifice they put in making the first edition of 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS very special. These guys stayed up till 2am, sometimes 3am to get these stories […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 11

  It’s Christmas – Merry Christmas Yarners – I’m sure we’ve been having a blast so far – and please let’s do say a prayer for persons involved in the terrorist attack in the Southern Kaduna part of Nigeria. They need our prayers. It’s Day 11 and it’s time another Kwiksie time with the finale of our riveting tale =Error= You […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 10

It’s Day 10 or is it? Well it depends on the part of the world where you are really – This is Santa’s time and it’s a continuation of our Christmas special – 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS . 2 more days to go but let’s enjoy something beautiful from our boy and one of my favourite writers – Banky. Enjoy. P.S: Look […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 9

It’s Day 9 Yarners and we’re gradually coasting to the endpoint of our Christmas special. We have your favourite Olajumoke in the world in the building *smiles*, and she brings you some more Christmas cheer. P.S: Look out for “The Task” after the story – It holds the key to unlocking Day 9. ** *** ***  //Say You Will Stay […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 8

  It’s Day 8 people and you can trust us to deliver on our word, you unlock the task, you get the story, no matter how long it takes or how much the Grinch tries to play foul with the rules. No long Yarnings – It’s Daniel in the house, do enjoy and drop a feedback. P.S: Look out for “The […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 7

  It’s Day 7 and we have crossed over to the other half of our Christmas special – Just incase you’re just joining up with us, you can read up all the excellent works by clicking >>> 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. Kwiksie makes a second appearance with the continuation of the story – “Error” – You can catch up on […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 6

  It’s Day 6 and thus the midpoint of 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS and I hope you’ve been having fun so far. Another day, another Team member, and today it’s my pleasure to welcome back Banky as he serves us something sumptuous. Enjoy. P.S: Look out for “The Task” after the story – It holds the key to unlocking Day 7. […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 4

  Hello Yarners, eerm… you’re welcome to Day 4 of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS and if you’ve been playing the guessing game on which member of the Team is going to appear in the House, I’m sure you can’t go wrong today as we have the fourth member of the Team in the House – Aideyan Daniel. P.S: Look out for […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 3

  Hello Yarners, congratulations on unlocking Day 3 of our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS special. Your good work gives me the opportunity to welcome the third member of the Team – Kwiksie. P.S: Look out for “The Task” after the story – It holds the key to unlocking Day 4. ** *** ***  //Error// “Why are you acting like this? Why won’t you tell me […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 2

12 Days of Christmas Day 2 Hello Yarners, if you’re reading this it means we did it! – we absolufreaking!! unlocked Day 2 of the  “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS“ (smiling and shaking my head at myself)  Congrats people! It’s time to sit back and enjoy Banky as he plays Santa. P.S: Look out for “The Task” after the story – It holds the […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 1

Hello Yarners, welcome to Day 1 of the much talked about “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS“. They say the “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS“ traditionally counts from Christmas day, but the A!Team has decided to flip the script to bring it to you 10 days early. Enjoy as Jumoke serves you the first dish. P.S: Look out for “The Task” after the story – […]

Say You Will Stay =TWELVE=

Hello Yarners, something cool will be happening right here this Christmas – and it’s something I’m sure you dont want to miss. If you missed the announcement, just click HERE And for our feature presentation for the day, enjoy “Say You Will Stay 12” and don’t forget to drop your thoughts. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will […]


Hello Yarners, it’s Daniel repping the Team and I’m here to drop some really hot gist but first, I’d like to say happy new month and welcome to the beautiful month of December. It seems like it was only yesterday that we all celebrated January but here we are in December, eleven months and many memories after, and it’s time […]

Say You will Stay =Eleven=

So, I fell asleep whilst trying to edit this post last Friday. I came back from work after one hectic week, got sorted and drank three cups of coffee. I even set my alarm. And sat up (no one falls asleep sat up, right?) I was wrong. I’m afraid I slept through the alarm and the coffee. Totally unaware anyone […]

Say You Will Stay =TEN=

I’m so sorry for the lateness of this post. I just didn’t have the much needed strength to work on the post after writing. Have a fabulous weekend. Thanks for understanding. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE *** *** ***   He found her in his bedroom, clutching the bedsheet she had taken off the bed. She was […]

Say You Will Stay =NINE=

  Hello Yarners, We trust your weekend is going smoothly – well this is sure going to make it even better, though it’s coming slightly behind schedule. Enjoy every bit of it and drop your thoughts. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE *** *** ***   Biba had gone out by the time they woke up. When they […]

Say You Will Stay

We had a technical problem Friday night which affected our email notification Saturday morning. For those that didn’t get the notification, here is the link to Saturday morning’s episode. You can access the series via the homepage or menu too. Try not to leave what you need to do today for tomorrow. You never know what opportunities are out […]

Say You Will Stay =EIGHT=

  “Protective Charm will be live on radio on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, with Olajumoke, the Midnight Mistress,  on Smooth 98.1 by 10pm.” Hi, hope your week has gone well? We apologise for the computer error with this post. You can read it now. Some of you may have come across Girls, my series on, Sally’s amazing blog. Thanks to […]


Hi, Jumoke here. Hope your week is going okay. Thanks for reading. Please leave comments below. One liners allowed. Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** *** Obinna did not let his back rest fully on the armchair. He sat almost on its edge, phone in hand. Going through his messages with a purposeful, occupied look on his face. She was […]

Say You Will Stay =Six=

Hi, your  girl here. Hope you are all doing great. Thanks for all the lovely comments last week. A couple of announcements. Banky’s thrilling story, The Bishop will be featured on Tales at Night Time next Thursday at 10pm. Please tune in to Smooth FM to hear Jumoke read The Bishop. And if you haven’t read it, here is your […]

Say You Will Stay =Five=

  Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** *** Isio had been on her bed for a while before she heard a quiet knock on her door. She had been sat, ears pricked up to every sound, unable to go in the kitchen or the bathroom. Biba came in, armed with a forced smile. “You okay babe? Do you want me […]

Say You Will Stay =Four=

  Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** *** It took a while to open the bottle of Supermalt she offered him. The bottle opener slipped out of her hand twice. She did not smile when she caught him staring at her from where he was sat. It felt like he was next to her, his hands around her. It was […]

Say You Will Stay =Three=

I saw all the comments, thank you. Nnenna, Titi, Sister J, Abiola, Datoks, Nai, Praise Moses, Tbone  and Gbemmy. I will respond to the comments I didn’t get to as soon as I have a sec. Please understand how important these comments are to us. They are what keep us going. I have missed much needed sleep to get this […]

Say You Will Stay =Two=

Hello Yarners, It’s the second installment of our running serial – Say You Will Stay – Enjoy and drop your thoughts. Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** ***   Obinna’s laughter although deep and distinct did not sound as loud as his friend’s. The man’s laughter started with a sputtering burst swallowing his part of the conversation. He was dark […]

Say You Will Stay =Pilot=

Hello Yarners, A! Serials are what they are – beautiful… and today we’ll be starting off another beautiful serial – Say You Will Stay – from our very own Olajumoke Omisore. This is the Pilot – so do enjoy it and let the yarns keep flowing – drop a feedback.   ***  //-Pilot//   “You are too sexy. I want […]


Playing The Love Game

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the ride. *** //SHRINKING// Uche scooped the egg-fried rice and stuffed mushrooms and cheesy peppers in plain containers with white lids. She poured a good measure of water and liquid soap in the pot that still had bits of rice and egg in it. Having put her food in the fridge, she made her way […]


Playing The Love Game

I thought I was going to be producing the final part today. Nearly there, please bear with me. If we had our way, you will be reading PTLG The Final Part today. Unfortunately, things don’t always work the way we want. The final part is too long, so here is the first part or episode twenty two, whatever you want […]


Playing The Love Game

Hi, hope your week has gone well. Enjoy the last episode before the final next week. Happy birthday PJ for tomorrow. Thank you for your support this past couple of years. Have an awesome day. God bless. Love from us all.   We have short stories and new projects coming up, stay with us. Also, I have a jaw dropping […]


Playing The Love Game

  Hi, your girl here. Apologies first.  I have struggled from one technical issue to the other today to get this post to you. Sorry, my laptop and the blog’s system just wouldn’t play ball. Technical issues kept us from delivering anything on Thursday too. Welcome to our new subscribers. Don’t forget to leave a comment, we can never get […]


Happy Birthday Desiblaque -One Yarner who adds colour to the house -Your new age will bring with it fulfilment of dreams.   ** *** ***  //Take Me Home, Brother// She could feel his presence in the room with her. He came because she had no more tears to spare and her initial anger had subsided, only for it to resurface […]


Playing The Love Game

** *** ***  //A Bad Day//   Austin’s voice woke her up and even before Anu opened the door, she had heard what the problem was. Her stepdaughter was standing outside a house a few streets away. Inside, her father and Emeka were shouting at each other. Anu took the phone from Austin whilst belting her dressing gown strings over […]

Love, Music & Dreams =FINALE=

 Ladies and Gentlemen – let me welcome you to the Finale of Love, Music and Dreams – the longest spanning serial that I have written yet – (We started this journey in 2015 and here we are, just closing it up in 2016 -guess what- started this as a bachelor, spanned so long, I had to get married in the […]


Playing The Love Game

  ** *** ***  //A New Day//   “Naija spy agent.” He looked up and saw Emeka hobbling towards him. The grin on his face did not match his speedy gait. “Wetin my phone do you?” He could have tapped on the message and viewed it. Even as his friend reached him and collapsed on the bed, his eyes searching […]

Love, Music & Dreams =The Bridge=

Hello Yarners, it was a birthday fest last week and I’ll like you to please help me appreciate (if you have not done so yet) a super hard-worker, a beautiful mind and a very important member of the A! Team – Olajumoke – on her birthday…(it was actually on Wednesday) – Appreciate you loads partner – keep changing the world […]


Playing The Love Game

I wanted to publish this yesterday, my birthday. Unfortunately, I write at a snail’s pace (Ask Oga Dan). Anyway, since I couldn’t deliver early, I thought I would deliver on time. Have a blessed day. ** *** ***  //One Of Those Days//   Although Bayo held on to her waist whilst the two men descended on Emeka – kicking and […]

Love, Music & Dreams =TWELVE=

Hello Yarners = Big Announcement – the Finale of Love, Music & Dreams drops next week – that means you can’t afford to wink at all throughout this episode and you can’t miss next week’s episode for anything – trust the Team to serve you the very best of Finales’ Enjoy and don’t forget to drop a feedback. For previous […]


Playing The Love Game

I’m really sorry for not posting yesterday. I can’t apologise enough. I won’t stop typing if I start to explain why. Have a great weekend. ** *** ***  //Secrets And A Shocker//   He didn’t look angry. He looked livid. Kanyin greeted him and he stepped out of the car to hug her. He didn’t look at Anu when she […]

Love, Music & Dreams =ELEVEN=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Love Music & Dreams 5 Hello Yarners – trust you had a great week – so we had a couple of first time ‘commenters’ last week and I want to specially welcome you to the family – it would be nice to keep the interaction flowing. Enjoy today’s episode and don’t forget to drop a feedback. For previous episodes – […]


Playing The Love Game

Hi, hope your week is going well? Question time, we have seen different types of relationships in this series, the appealing ones and the not so appealing ones. I wonder which one is your favourite and the one you can’t stand or wouldn’t wish on your enemy. It can even be the platonic type. A special shout-out to two people […]

Love, Music & Dreams =TEN=

Good-day Yarners – This episode of Love. Music. & Dreams is dedicated to the ghost-readers in the house – it’s #GhostReadersDay on the blog – You know yourself – Don’t be shy – say hi! For previous episodes – click here. *** *** ***   //The Complexities Of Love// The simple and most complex answer is love ~ J.D Robb   […]


Playing The Love Game

Playing The Love Game This episode is dedicated to a very creative lady, Shughar, whose birthday is today. I remember how you welcomed me to the blog with your comments. Thanks for your consistency. Happy birthday from all of us. Have a fabulous day. For previous episodes – click here ** *** ***  //The One With The Men//   His hands were […]

Love, Music & Dreams =NINE=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners – quick one – ‘Playing The Love Game and #LMD is back on the Tales At Night-Time with Jumoke your Midnight Mistress on Smooth 98.1, so feel free to tune in and listen to your favourite stories on Mondays through to Thursdays. This episode of Love. Music. & Dreams is dedicated to everyone who do their bit in sharing our […]


Playing The Love Game

  For previous episodes – click here ** *** ***  //If Only//   “The one with the big butt has taken over his mind,” Anu addressed Emeka, her hands drawing an exaggerated big shape in the air. She ignored her husband’s sneering and Uche’s swollen cheeks. Her friend looked like the laughter she was trying to suppress would be forceful enough to […]

Love, Music & Dreams =EIGHT=

Hello Yarners – I feel sweet all over striking this keyboard and I just can’t place my hands on the particular reason. Maybe it’s because I know this month holds something special for all of us, or maybe it’s because it’s my birthday tomorrow; April 3rd, or maybe it’s because this episode of Love. Music. & Dreams fills my head with pictures […]


Playing The Love Game

Hi, I’m so sorry I’m posting late again. Connection ish. Thanks to those that checked in early and to those that waited. Please let me know what you think about the length. Is it too long? ** *** ***  //Going Back To Move Forward//   “I’m sure this pregnancy isn’t my husband’s.” Anu looked away from Uche to stop the […]

Love, Music & Dreams =SEVEN=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, after what seems to be an unending interlude, I’m delighted to introduce an all new episode of Love. Music. & Dreams. For previous episodes – click here No long yarnings, lets dig in people and don’t forget to use the comments section to share those thoughts. *** *** ***   //Side-Show// Never allow someone to be your priority while […]


Playing The Love Game

** *** ***  //Revelations And Trepidation//   Anu didn’t expect her stepdaughter to be full of smiles when she came back from work. She was surprised that her door key didn’t work but did not expect Kanyin to come to the door and then refuse to let her in. When she demanded to see her daughter, Kanyin asked her to […]


Hi, your girl here. As you know, Love, Music & Dreams returns next Saturday. ‘Playing The Love Game’ will go on the Thursday slot. But I have to plead with you to kindly wait until Thursday the 31st of March for the next episode. Exhausted, busy, the list goes on. I will be working on the next part of the […]


Playing The Love Game

Playing The Love Game Wassup Yarners, I trust you’re good. Two quick ones; The Team would like to announce the return of “Love. Music. & Dreams”, aka LMD. A new episode drops on the 26th of March and yes -logistics has been handled (thanks for asking *smiles*). We’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who completes every post […]


Playing The Love Game

Hello Yarners, it’s your boi back from the moon. First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to my Partner, Jumoke, for working extra shifts so this young man can go play the forever love game with the love of his life, and next, I’d like to dobale to ‘every’ Yarner for my failure to give a […]


Playing The Love Game

  Sorry, I’m posting late again. Let me not bore you with the details. Sorry again. Don’t tell Oga Daniel. Enjoy.   ***   **   ***   ***   **   ***  ***  **  ***   //TWO WRONGS// “You slept with Bradley!” Her father’s voice thundered loud enough for her to hear all the way from the conservatory room. […]


First things first, congrats to my dear team member PJ and Aideyarn platform manager, Daniel as you two become one. It takes a special person to form that required bond when you have a thousand and one characters living in your head. One that understands that the frowns and scowls on our faces are not always ours. They are the […]


Playing The Love Game

  Worked hard to get this episode out. Have a great day everyone.                           *** ** ***       //THE ONE TO HEAL THE PAIN//   After his final grunt, he withdrew from her. She shut her eyes as he clattered about the room. Moments after hearing […]


Playing The Love Game

Okay lovely Yarners. I’m on shift for comments today (as soon as I finish work, that is). Oga Dan will be very busy all day and night. Thanks for Saturday’s comments. I promise to respond to each one. Thank you so much. Hope you are all doing well. How are the 2016 goals coming along? Not impressed with myself so […]


Playing The Love Game

****** //I WISH I NEVER TOUCHED HER//   “I wish I can take it back.” Idriss muttered. “I wish I never touched her.” “This is a bad dream. Please God wake me up. Wake me up.” She was dizzy all of a sudden. She grabbed her head with both hands. It didn’t make the dizziness better. Neither did it help […]


Playing The Love Game

       Hi, the next part drops today. That one is dedicated to everyone reading. Especially to the people that commented here when the series started and the ones that messaged me to ask for three posts a week (sorry, not gonna happen, lol). The passion is there, if only time and energy came with it. Tbone, Shughar, Des, Ai, Deeh, […]


Mother's Wrapper

Hello Yarners, we’re sorry for showing up late – the Team has caught the bug of the holiday spirit and we’re on shut down mode. it’s time to pause, take stock and strategize for the coming year. However, before we do, we’d like to wish every Yarner and everyone who visited the blog in 2015 a ‘Merry Christmas’ and a […]


Mother's Wrapper

Hello Yarners, I’m sure you’ve been enjoying ‘Mother’s Wrapper‘ our mini series as written by our very own Olajumoke Omisore. This is to inform the house that as is our custom every year, we will be closing up shop for the holidays on the 19th of December (next week Saturday), after serving the final episode of our four parter running serial. […]


Mother's Wrapper

Hey people, hope y’all good. Here is the second part of Mother’s Wrapper. Enjoy and have a Fabulous weekend.   *** *** ***  My hands were fidgeting so much. One of them going up to twirl my Bob Marley plaits every so often. We were sat under a coconut tree outside. He ordered a cold Star beer whilst I sipped […]


Mother's Wrapper

Hello Yarners, it’s another beautiful Saturday and like we promised, we have something scintillating from our very own Olajumoke Omisore. It’s specially prepared for your delight. Enjoy. *** *** ***  ‘‘Put a smile on your face darling, the directors will be arriving soon.”  My friend, Steph said as soon as she sauntered into my office. “You want them to think, […]

Love, Music & Dreams =SIX=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, …errm… I don’t know how to say this, but I guess I’ll just say it – Love, Music & Dreams will be off for a while and this is due to logistic reasons – (blame it on the bad guy “logistics”) – let’s just call the break, an interlude …erm … the Team is sorry for any inconvenience […]

Love, Music & Dreams =FIVE=

Love. Music. & Dreams

“This story is good enough to have been shortlisted, infact I will really appreciate it if we can get a complete version of the story” ~ Grace O.  “…Truthfully. I wldnt know if it was supposed to be picked or not, because I did not have access to other entries, but like I said earlier it’s a unique story. Great work, […]

Love, Music & Dreams =FOUR=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, trust your week was great –  “The Bridge” by Daniel Bamidele, shortlisted last week for the PEN2SCREEN Africa writing competition will be up this Thursday, 13th of November 2015. It is an exclusive session for our followers and will not be published on the blog. You can be a part of this exclusive session by filling out this form […]

Love, Music & Dreams =THREE=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Peeps – seven days have never been so far away but we’re back here again and I’ll like to announce that we have a surprise waiting for all of our followers at the end of today’s post – it’s our way of saying – thank you for supporting us. Have you read “Tales From the Other Side” yet? If your […]

Love, Music & Dreams =TWO=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners – trust your week has been great and you’re feeling #LMD. Have you downloaded “Tales From the Other Side” yet? you can do so now by clicking on this link here – Feel free to use the share button after the post to broadcast on Twitter, Facebook and other available social media platforms (Whatsapp and BBM reposts […]

Love, Music & Dreams =ONE=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners – it’s finally the Premiere of #LMD and trust me, I’m super excited, but just before we dig into our star feature for the day – the Team would like to announce our second Grand Prize Winner of our blog-giver-sary promo – the Yarner with the most comments in our anniversary month of August -it’s none other than, *drum […]

Love. Music. & Dreams. =PREVIEW=

Love. Music. & Dreams

Hello Yarners, we’ve got two big announcements in the house today -make that three- and I’ll start with the first and not too pleasant news. “The Winner” will not debut next week as promised… Hol’ up, Hol’ up #FrancisOdega’sVoice… before you put up a sad face, wait for announcement 2… There will be a World Premiere of another A! serial […]


Playing The Game

  //Don’t Kiss Me//   By the time he opened his eyes, Anu had gone. Left without a word passing between them. She had simply stared at him with nothing in her eyes. He wanted to say something to her but his mouth refused to voice it and then he let himself down by shutting his eyes. He had woken […]


Hey Yarners, I know you have been having a great week –‘Playing The Game’ is finally cruising to its stop point as the Finale of your favourite serial will be dropping on this page next week. As we serve you today’s post, which is like a pre-Finale delicacy, please feel free to munch as much as you can. Enjoy and drop […]


Hey Yarners, trust your week went very well? We dropped the bonus episode on Thursday as promised but just in case you missed it, you can click here for the full dose. No long yarnings, lets dig into today’s feast – I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed preparing it, and please do feel free to engage with the […]


Hello Yarners, it feels like a while since I said that -anyways I just did. We made a promise on giving a special ‘PTG’ bonus and here it is -sizzling just as we promised. Promise made – Promise kept, enjoy the feature and make sure to drop a thought. For previous episodes of ‘Playing The Game’, please click here ** […]


Playing The Game

Hey Yarners, how was your week? Something tells me you will enjoy this long episode of Playing The Game. I can’t wait to see the comments, so keep them rolling in. Our call voucher comments game has ended but I’m sure you will agree that it was fun whilst it lasted. Plus we still have our 5,000 (naira ni, not […]


Playing The Game

Hello Yarners – it’s been exciting weeks of playing the game and celebrating our second year anniversary. It has been so much fun because you have been with us, but like you know, this is the last Saturday in August and …eerm… it’s the best time to say thank you for making the celebrations special. We still have a N5,000 […]


Playing The Game

Hello Yarners, trust you’re having a great week – our Call Voucher Winners for last week are Amina Idris, Nai, Ifedami and Initomiwa (These guys seemed to have mastered the art of playing the game -new competition please!). The games continue till the end of August and we still have a grand prize of N5,000.00 on offer, so don’t stop playing […]


Playing The Game

The first grand prize winner of N5,000 for our ‘Playing The Game’ contest as selected by the A!Team is -*drumroll*- holds breath -Amina Idris….Yay!!! Congratulations on your win. The Team will get in touch with you for your bank details. There’s still a lot of gifts to win and we still do have another N5,000 Grand Prize on the table (remember -Only Blog […]


Playing The Game

Playing The Game Thank you Yarners for the kind words on our anniversary, even though there’ll be just one comment taking the grand prize of N5,000.00 on offer, to us, every comment is a winner (that sounds like toasting, right? *winks*) Our Call Voucher Winners for last week are Doughyeen, Nai, Ifedami and Initomiwa. Our grand prize winner will be […]


Playing The Game

It’s our Birthday on Monday the 17th of August, and AideYarn! will be 2 on that day -in celebrating, we’ll be putting out a birthday post just so you can wish us a happy birthday with -hold on- that’s not the game- The A!Team has however decided to ‘Play The Game’ by rewarding the most creative birthday comment sent to […]


Playing The Game

Hello Yarners, we’re still basking in the spirit of our blog-giver-sary and the winners of our call vouchers for last week are Amina Idris, MosesPraise, TheGracedMisfit and Rholly.  Kwiksie was our surprise pick for the week. Please send an email to if you’re yet to get your gift, for now, enjoy our feature episode – our special gift to everyone […]


Playing The Game

Playing The Game The game is heating up as the first batch of winners who ‘Played The Game’ last week have been sent their gifts -the gaming continues this week as we give out; 1. N10,000 worth of prizes in call vouchers (Nigerian networks only) *Still sorry*. 2. Grand prize of N5,000 each to 2 Yarners (Only Blog Followers qualify for […]


Playing The Game

Hello Yarners, like Shughar said, it’s still our blog-giver-sary month and like the second stress pattern of the word says, we’re giving Yarners something to smile about all through the month of August. The winners of our call vouchers for last week are Amina Idris, Sarah, Desiblaque and Auxano. Please send an email to if you’re yet to get […]


Playing The Game

Happy new month people! There are many reasons I’m excited and one of those reasons is that it’s our anniversary month and! is going to be 2 on the 17th of this month. In celebrating, we’ll be ‘Playing The Game’ with all of our Yarners every Saturday in the month of August as we give out; 1. A double […]


Playing The Game

  We will feature two episodes per week from next Saturday. On Thursdays and Saturdays in August our anniversary month. Thanks to PJ, Desiblaque, Auxano, Anuoluwapo, Beezy4lord, Tbone, Nai, Ihunaya, Fsf, Amina Idris, Moses Praise, Shughar, Tope, Aitasweet, Shekina, Sarah and the anonymous readers who have made this journey awesome. It would be a slow, tiring one without you. Thanks […]


Playing The Game

Yay, its the weekend. Hope we have all had a good week. Thanks for all your comments, retweets and likes on social media. Welcome to all our new followers who have recently subscribed. Let us know if you enjoy episode eight ‘when the game takes the wheel’. Have a fabulous weekend. ** *** ***  //When The Game Takes The Wheel// […]


Playing The Game

** *** ***  //Falling Into Bed//                                                                        “You slept with your girlfriend’s mother?” Anu gasped. He had a sheepish look on his face as he raised the […]


Playing The Game

** *** ***  //The Problem Is…//   Four weeks had passed since Bradley walked back into Anu’s life. They were former lovers who were now simply friends. That was what Anu said when Idriss asked her what was going on. But she said it without looking at him. Her tone was missing its characteristic conviction too. This was the same […]


Playing The Game

** *** ***  //The Submissive Babe// The first time Elicia ever craved for a father was in 2003. The feeling was raw. As raw as the infection that had landed her in Queens Road Hospital. Her mother caught a few minutes of sleep now and again on the only chair in the room whilst two headed monsters that were scarier […]


  Playing The Game Thanks for all the comments, likes and shares on Saturday. Hope you all have a lovely day. Please check in on Saturday morning for episode five. Cheers. For now, today’s post. ** *** ***  //Baby// Idriss gawked at his girlfriend and his lover until his eyes came to rest on Anu’s face. He was sure, his […]


Playing The Game

Thank you for all your comments last week. Please kindly continue to share your views (one word comments or smiley faces allowed, everything counts) lol. Or you can tap on the like button at the bottom. Feel free to share on your social media platforms.Thank you so much for reading, the stats show you are all checking in. We have […]


Playing The Game

** *** ***  //Let Me Stay With You Tonight, Baby// Although, she ran out of her parent’s house after her father told her Elicia and her were sisters – his words did not stay back at the house. They were as thick as horse whips, forming marks even after impact. As she headed back to Aspire Estate Agents after a […]


You’re welcome to the Premiere of what promises to be another A! classic. ‘Playing The Game’ by Olajumoke Omisore is a serial that has been prepared for your ultimate enjoyment. No Plenty Yarnings… Dig in and tell us what you think – —————————————————   ** *** ***  //Here Comes Idriss//     Her diary was as packed as those days […]

Diary Of A Tot //D.O.A.T//

Hello Yarners, how did your week go? trust it went well. It’s the very first day of change in Nigeria and we sincerely pray that this country fulfills it’s great potentials. ‘Playing The Game – By Olajumoke Omisore’ premieres next week and like all A! serials I can assure you that we have packed this up with enough A! factor […]


  Hi there, this is your girl, Olajumoke. I wanted to announce the conclusion of Losing Hope so I can say a big Thank You to everyone that has been reading, commenting and re-tweeting us, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you all. To those of you quietly supporting us, thank you too. Hoping […]


Hey Yarners, the A! team is glad to announce that we have finally arrived at the eve of the much expected Finale of ‘Losing Hope’. It’s been a great journey so far and you have been there all way. we want you to be a part of the Finale and thus would like you to share with us your experiences and thoughts on‘Losing Hope’ by […]


  As we close in on the Finale of ‘Losing Hope’ I trust you’ve been having a great ride so far. You are the reason why this has not been a lonely road for us -winks- Feel free to click on the share button as we make the final lap of ‘Losing Hope’ a big and beautiful journey. And now […]


Hey Yarners, it’s another round of elections in Nigeria and I think the title of this episode aptly describes the mood of the citizens. Sending out a big shout out to everyone who’s being part of the publicity team of ‘Losing Hope’ by sharing links on various platforms on social media, you’re the big reason for our success. And now to […]


Hello Yarners, it’s our very first session since the Presidential elections in Nigeria and it’s my pleasure to say that even though there was a winner and loser (as there is wont to be in every election), peace was maintained and the Nigerian Citizen turned out to be the biggest winner. It’s Easter and the A! Team wishes you happy […]


  Hey Yarners, it’s election day in Nigeria and if you have your permanent voters card, you should be at the polling unit about now, getting accredited to #VoteYourValues. Remember, no politician is worth the sacrifice of your life, so stay safe in all that you do and remember to drop a comment after reading -*smiles*. Enjoy. —————————————————   ** […]


  Hello Yarners, I trust you have been having a great time with the Team on ‘Losing Hope’ and I’m sure Olajumoke still has a lot of spins to unravel. Thanks guys for dropping your thoughts, someone said ‘a reader’s feedback is a writer’s meal,’ and I agree 100% – Give The Team something to eat – drop a comment,(shout-out to all the […]


—————————————————   ** *** ***  //The Ones I Don’t Know About//   Abike stared at the red, plain clock in her room willing sleep to come. She had climbed into bed around midnight, utterly exhausted. Like last night though, her mind simply refused to settle. She couldn’t chase thoughts of Saheed and his family away. Saheed dreamt too much. He […]


  Hello Yarners, I trust you’re following and enjoying our A! Serial, ‘Losing Hope’ by Olajumoke Omisore… it  continues on Saturday by 10am but right now, we’re serving you the final installment of The Proposal, the long awaited Truth. Enjoy. *** There are three sides to every story. The Truth   Dee glanced at his phone for the umpteenth time as he checked out […]


Hello Yarners, ‘Losing Hope’ got all kinds of cool mentions last week and it’s great to see that you guys are loving this. And for everyone buzzing to know when The Proposal -The Truth will be dropping, I can confidently tell you that the date to mark out on your calender is Thursday, March 12, 2015. Like we always do, we’d like to […]


The Premiere of ‘Losing Hope’ was great and trust me, this week’s installment promises even bigger fun. This is saying a big thank you to everyone that re-tweeted the links and shared the work on Facebook; for this week, we’ll give a special shout out to @Clan_Clueless, @bolalery, @lhardells and and for those who got out of Ghost-Mode to support the work […]

The Proposal -Verses Of Love

Hello Yarners, I trust you’re having a great week. This is to inform everyone in the community that the radio version of ‘Losing Hope’ will be dropping today by 22:00WAT (10pm) on Smooth 98.1fm and read out by our very own sweet-voiced midnight mistress, Jumoke Bello. You can listen to Smooth 98.1fm online by clicking here. I know The Truth […]


Hey Yarners, we’re finally witnessing that big moment when ‘Losing Hope’ Premieres and it feels really good to introduce a work that is not written by aideyandaniel, not posted by aideyandaniel and if I was not aideyandaniel, I would say that guy was beginning to talk too much *smiles*. Okay guys, I can confidently tell you that Jumoke has made […]


Hello Yarners, the Premiere of the very first A! Serial for 2015 is happening in less than 48 hours and trust me when I tell you that ‘Losing Hope’ follows our tradition of classics. While we salivate in anticipation of ‘Losing Hope’, we serve you the second side of our valentine story, The Proposal -His Side. Enjoy. *** There are three […]


  Hello Yarners, I know this is coming outside our normal schedule but trust me when I say had to wait till this moment to get you the perfect valentine story. Enjoy. *** There are three sides to every story. His Side I look at the ring nestled comfortably in the velvet case as the diamonds on the band, duet […]


  The ringtone of my phone cut through my thoughts as I stared blankly at the computer screen in front of me. I had just published the finale of Shades of Deceit and my mind was already running the digits on stats that the season ending episode would rack up on the blog as I was still unsure about the […]

All I Want For Christmas Is… 2/2

Happy Boxing Day Yarners! I hope someone is somewhere opening up a gift today because of you, as that is the essence of Boxing day and of course the season. If you’re yet to receive a gift, then we are pleased to present to you the concluding part of our Christmas special as our gift for your Boxing day delight. […]

All I Want For Christmas Is… 1/2

Merry Christmas Yarners! Okay I know we’re supposed to be on holidays but we decided to serve you some holiday specials as our gift for having stuck with us through twenty fourteen. This 2 part piece is dedicated first to the Nigerian Soldier currently fighting Boko Haram and helping to quell the insurgency in the North East of the country […]


I don’t know exactly how to start today’s post as it marks the end of a beautiful journey but I know I’d like to say that this has been by far our biggest production yet in terms of stats and if you’d just take a minute or two to re-post, re-tweet or share to your contacts on BBM, Whats-app, Facebook, […]


Hello Yarners, it feels like the eve to Christmas as we finally get to the very last bus-stop before the Finale. We’ll be doing a prequel to the showstopping Finale by publishing a compilation post on Thursday, 4th of December 2014, titled ’50 Words On #SoD’ and it will be just about you as the complete blog post will be in your undiluted yarns […]


  Hello Yarners, as plans continue to make ‘Shades of Deceit Finale’ the biggest, baddest, record breaking, earth-shaking, most colourful event in this community yet, we’ll be publishing a compilation post on Thursday, 4th of December 2014, titled ’50 Words On #SoD‘, which will be a compilation of our thoughts on ‘Shades Of Deceit’ in not more than 50 words per person. […]


Hello Yarners, how was your week? mine was extremely busy …seriously it was, but I won’t bore you with it. The Team have prepared a sumptuous episode ready to be served on your plate today and believe me, there’s something always special about the ‘X’ episode… first, it reminds us that the matter is about to go down (There are two […]


The Team is still on the Less Talk – More Action Mode, so we will be pushing out another bonus 500 words strictly for the enjoyment of all the Yarners.  Our special shout out this week goes out to everyone who is following this blog … and if you are yet to follow please do so by filling out the […]


Welcome to November Yarners, as a gift for the new month,we’re serving you an expanded edition of Shades Of Deceit as we hit you with a bonus of 600 more words on this episode of Shades Of Deceit… it’s a little ‘something something’ for our people who felt the regular version was becoming too short. AideYarn! is always about You!  Our special […]


Hello Yarners, I just can’t believe we’re seven weeks already on this trip; Shades of Deceit. First on the beat is to report that last week was quite an interesting week in the back-room of Shades of Deceit, I’m actually tempted to share it, but trust me to serve it to you in our sizzling hot ‘The Studio edition of […]


Hello Yarners, I hope you’ve been having fun on the ride so far? It certainly has been fun for the Team as we get to read your intelligent and interesting comments. I trust that you have been enjoying the #RadioVersion on Smooth98.1FM with the Princess of Radio -“The Midnight Mistress”- Olajumoke Bello, as she has been doing a great job. […]


Hello Yarners, its always fun doing this weekly report because ‘You’ have found a way to make every week special on AideYarn. First on the beat this week is to announce the successful Premiere of Shades Of Deceit #RadioVersion, where we were excellently rated by the voting listeners. We say a big thank you to our very own  Princess of Radio, “The […]


Hello Peeps, this is your weekly report from the Team at AideYarn and we start our report this week by tendering our unreserved apologies to everyone who stayed up to catch the Premiere of Shades Of Deceit on radio. it couldn’t happen due to a slight hitch. We will confirm the new date for the Premiere and report to the house asap…for […]


Hello Peeps, this is your weekly report from the Team at AideYarn and trust me, there’s a lot to report this week. First on the beat which is pretty big, is to let you know that you can now catch up with your favourite Shades Of Deceit characters on radio, as the serial goes live on air on Smooth 98.1FM with the […]


Hello Peeps, from the Team at AideYarn, we  sincerely trust you had a great week. No matter what your answer is, the Team at AideYarn is here to make it even better, but first we should let you know that the Premiere of Shades Of Deceit was a big… big …big success, and its all thanks to You! Together we broke shattered […]


Hello Peeps, its a beautiful day and Yes! its finally the premiere of ‘Shades of Deceit I’. Without plenty talk we’ll be going straight to our feature presentation but that will be just after I let you know that the V.I.P screening on Thursday, 11.09.2014 was a huge success. The VIPs loved it. Don’t take my words for it…here is […]


Please Ignore If You’re Viewing This Post From Your Email, As You Already Have V.I.P Access. Please Fill the Form If This Is Not From Your Email. Thank you for filling out the form. It qualifies you to be amongst the special set of people to screen read for the first time the new A! Serial, ‘SHADES OF DECEIT’, on […]


You wanna know what I really love about TMA, its totally relateable! I feel its a true story sef! If I were Aideyarn I’m so gonna sell it to Superstory or the producers of Shuga :D. Bt asides all the drama, drz a lesson for every1 which mkes TMA nt only a good read bt a recommended text to everyone […]


Taken It is still the month of our ‘One’ year milestone (its actually tomorrow, the 17th of August). It would be nice to know what your favourite post (or episode, if its for a serial) has been on AideYarn! for this period and you can put that up in the comments section or tweet at us @aideyandaniel or @aideyarn. The […]


Taken Guess what peeps? Your blog, AideYarn! is going to be One on the 17th of this month and it seems like the journey just started yesterday -with a wonderful company like you on the journey, it’s been great. To mark this milestone, it would be nice to know what your favourite post (or episode, if its for a serial) […]


Taken It’s always my pleasure to have you right here on this page. It’s the second day of August and I’d like to say a happy new month to all of my readers and also to let you know that this month, we’ll be having two of my favourite Nigerian writers light up Off The Record with their works. Enjoy […]


I WOKE UP OLD Good-day Peeps, if you’re reading this piece from inspire world, this is to let you know that this concludes our ‘You’ series for the month of July, while if you’re reading this from off the record, it is to let you know that August is going be great on off the record, as we will be […]


I Woke Up Old Dare paused, not sure if it was his name he had just heard. ‘Dare,’ the voice called out again. It was the unmistakeable voice of his grandpa. Dare frowned, scratching his head as he stopped in his tracks. What would this old man be possibly calling me for? he thought to himself as he turned back […]


Some Mothers Really Do Have Them I have a problem with sequels, especially those that succeed very successful forebears because they many times go burst and don’t produce as much magic as their first instalments, while in some few cases, the magic is recaptured and Walah! we have the birth of a successful franchise – all this grammar on top […]


The Morning After SATURDAY, MARCH 15th, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 12:50PM Funmi opened her door and made straight for her phone that was lying on the table. ‘I’m sorry Aunty, I didn’t mean to waste your time today,’ she said to Ese, who raised her head up from the book she was reading immediately the door swung open. She was sitting […]


The Morning After FRIDAY, MARCH 14th, 2014. Maitama, Abuja. 8:00PM Amaka Obi Ezenwa looked around the room with an air of satisfaction. She smiled as her eyes fell on the boxes close to the walk-in closet, all packed and carefully stacked in preparation for tomorrow’s trip. Marriage is sweet, she reminded herself. It was going to be her second year […]


The Morning After The countdown to the ‘The Morning After’ FINALE begins. The ride from here is at breakneck speed, please do fasten your seatbelt. Enjoy! *** *** ****** *** ****** *** *** *** FRIDAY, MARCH 14th, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 9:00AM Funmi felt a tightening around her mid section, she clutched her tummy as she rolled on the bed. It […]


The Morning After FRIDAY, MARCH 14th, 2014. Omole Phase 1, Lagos. 8:10AM Ese’s eye lids hurt from a lack of sleep. She had worked late the night before and had a court appearance by midday. She had planned to take a nap immediately she returned from dropping Osas, her four year old boy in school, but having done that and […]


The Morning After Hello Great community, it’s been two weeks off and Team AideYarn! would like to thoroughly apologise for the break. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter celebration and if TMA can be resurrected in this resurrection season, nothing good in your life has a right to remain dead (*winks*) Thanks to everyone that enquired about […]


The Morning After MONDAY, MARCH 10th, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 9PM Funmi gazed up at her ceilings, thinking about her day. Being pregnant was the last thing on her mind when she had woken up in the morning but right now it was her main pre-occupation. How come she never suspected anything? She had been so devastated by the rape and […]


The Morning After MONDAY, MARCH 10th, 2014. Akoka, Lagos. 9AM Dunni glanced at the wall clock in the class, she knew it was too early to be bothered about the time but she couldn’t help it. She had made up her mind to see Funmi today and was only in class because the first class was Mr Fakorede’s. His classes […]


The Morning After SATURDAY, MARCH 8th, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 11PM Funmi tapped the end button as she felt her phone vibrate signalling a call. She didn’t have to look to see who it was to know that it was Bode calling. She switched her phone to silent mode as she expected a repeat call and true to her expectation and […]


The Morning After SATURDAY, MARCH 8th, 2014. Isolo, Lagos. 4PM Dunni looked at her phone in exasperation, she had been trying to call Funmi but the calls just wouldn’t connect as her primary line was switched off while her alternate line was dropping calls. She had called earlier in the morning, only for it to ring out. ‘Atleast she should […]


The Morning After WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5th, 2014. Ikoyi, Lagos. 2PM. ‘Bode, this is wrong.’ Dunni said, looking not at all pleased. ‘Why would you record it? For what purpose were you intending to use it for?’ Bode looked rather dis-interested in the conversation as he fiddled with his phone. ‘My break time actually ends by 1:45pm and I’m already fifteen […]


the morning after WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 10AM. Funmi lay on the bed sick to the pit of her stomach. She was physically and emotionally drained. Too weak to cry anymore. The walls in her room constantly seemed to be closing in on her or maybe she was just going insane. A tear trickled down her cheek leaving […]


The Morning After FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21st, 2014. Ogba, Lagos. 7PM. Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond… The voice of Rihanna broke her concentration as it played out through her phone. She glanced sideways to the sound of the phone on her bed and wished she had magical powers to shut it up. For once, Rihanna’s voice […]


The Morning After SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15th 2014. Somewhere in Lagos. 7AM. Funmi stared at the ceilings in a room she couldn’t recognise. Apart from the rumpled bedsheet, the room looked too organised to be hers. She looked to her left hoping to see her wardrobe but all she saw was a clock hanging on the wall, telling her it was […]


Shit Business is … Funny Business The toilet is a place to shit and not to start making conversations but it beats my imagination when people now mistake the toilet for a gisting point. I wonder why people won’t respect the sanctity of the toilet? I was in the toilet, staring right into a glass and trying to smoothen up […]


This is one piece I can’t help but smile about even before stringing twenty words together . Its one piece that will see your face contorted in several funny expressions before you’re through, but I can assure you that like a plate of sweet jollof rice, you’ll be digging deep into the piece until you read the very last word […]