Losing Hope


  Hi there, this is your girl, Olajumoke. I wanted to announce the conclusion of Losing Hope so I can say a big Thank You to everyone that has been reading, commenting and re-tweeting us, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you all. To those of you quietly supporting us, thank you too. Hoping […]


Hey Yarners, the A! team is glad to announce that we have finally arrived at the eve of the much expected Finale of ‘Losing Hope’. It’s been a great journey so far and you have been there all way. we want you to be a part of the Finale and thus would like you to share with us your experiences and thoughts on‘Losing Hope’ by […]


  As we close in on the Finale of ‘Losing Hope’ I trust you’ve been having a great ride so far. You are the reason why this has not been a lonely road for us -winks- Feel free to click on the share button as we make the final lap of ‘Losing Hope’ a big and beautiful journey. And now […]


Hey Yarners, it’s another round of elections in Nigeria and I think the title of this episode aptly describes the mood of the citizens. Sending out a big shout out to everyone who’s being part of the publicity team of ‘Losing Hope’ by sharing links on various platforms on social media, you’re the big reason for our success. And now to […]


Hello Yarners, it’s our very first session since the Presidential elections in Nigeria and it’s my pleasure to say that even though there was a winner and loser (as there is wont to be in every election), peace was maintained and the Nigerian Citizen turned out to be the biggest winner. It’s Easter and the A! Team wishes you happy […]


  Hey Yarners, it’s election day in Nigeria and if you have your permanent voters card, you should be at the polling unit about now, getting accredited to #VoteYourValues. Remember, no politician is worth the sacrifice of your life, so stay safe in all that you do and remember to drop a comment after reading -*smiles*. Enjoy. —————————————————   ** […]


  Hello Yarners, I trust you have been having a great time with the Team on ‘Losing Hope’ and I’m sure Olajumoke still has a lot of spins to unravel. Thanks guys for dropping your thoughts, someone said ‘a reader’s feedback is a writer’s meal,’ and I agree 100% – Give The Team something to eat – drop a comment,(shout-out to all the […]


—————————————————   ** *** ***  //The Ones I Don’t Know About//   Abike stared at the red, plain clock in her room willing sleep to come. She had climbed into bed around midnight, utterly exhausted. Like last night though, her mind simply refused to settle. She couldn’t chase thoughts of Saheed and his family away. Saheed dreamt too much. He […]


Hello Yarners, ‘Losing Hope’ got all kinds of cool mentions last week and it’s great to see that you guys are loving this. And for everyone buzzing to know when The Proposal -The Truth will be dropping, I can confidently tell you that the date to mark out on your calender is Thursday, March 12, 2015. Like we always do, we’d like to […]


The Premiere of ‘Losing Hope’ was great and trust me, this week’s installment promises even bigger fun. This is saying a big thank you to everyone that re-tweeted the links and shared the work on Facebook; for this week, we’ll give a special shout out to @Clan_Clueless, @bolalery, @lhardells and and for those who got out of Ghost-Mode to support the work […]


Hey Yarners, we’re finally witnessing that big moment when ‘Losing Hope’ Premieres and it feels really good to introduce a work that is not written by aideyandaniel, not posted by aideyandaniel and if I was not aideyandaniel, I would say that guy was beginning to talk too much *smiles*. Okay guys, I can confidently tell you that Jumoke has made […]