Say You Will Stay


This is Thursday’s episode. Sorry, it’s so late. I lost the episode. Silly me, I didn’t back it up. This is not the long episode promised. So, please expect more before the long break. I won’t say when because I don’t want to break another promise. Apologies again. Have a great week.   *** He could see her lips opening. […]


I’m so sorry that the episode wasn’t ready during the long weekend as promised. I was working so I should have known not to make promises. I came back from work on Monday and I had a few words written. Nothing else. But I think you will forgive me easily when you hear our news. The Aideyans became proud parents […]

Say You Will Stay

Say You Will Stay will be back at some point during this long weekend. I tried to put this announcement on earlier but my laptop was having none of it. Thanks to all those that commented recently, we appreciate. To those that volunteered to read the work that needs previewing, thanks, I will be in touch. Say You Will Stay […]

Say You Will Stay =TWENTY FOUR

If you missed the Easter post, Episode 23, please go back to catch up. This episode won’t make sense if you don’t. I don’t think many got the email alert for some reason. Or maybe they just didn’t open it, Lol. Too busy celebrating Easter. This one is dedicated to everyone that checked on us Easter Monday/Tuesday. Especially, Gorgeous, Nene, […]


Scroll down to read Episode Twenty Three. Don’t forget to leave a comment. One word, smiley faces and full pagers allowed. Please bear with me. Work is hectic at the moment. I was hoping to post Saturday evening but I went to work on Friday and didn’t get back until Saturday afternoon. This is what life is like at the […]


Hello Yarners, trust you’re having a great weekend. The A! Team will like to apologise for the length of time it took us to get out this episode of Say You Will Stay – we didn’t mean to torture our wonderful fans. We love you too much to think about doing that. Your favourite series is back today and we […]

Say You Will Stay

Hi, hope your weekend is going fine? I’m working this weekend again and I don’t want to keep people waiting like I did last weekend. So, please let’s leave this episode until next Saturday. It will be ready then and it will of course, be longer. Super long. For people that have commented about recent episodes not being long, that’s […]

Say You Will Stay=TWENTY ONE=

I couldn’t post yesterday because I didn’t get back from work until quite late. Posting now before I dash off again, enjoy. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE **** Isio did not talk much on the way home. She couldn’t have. Obinna talked almost all the way through. Explained that he had missed her, that he […]


So here we are, a day late. I have to learn not to make promises. And learn how to say sorry in different languages. Sorry again. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE **** The drive back to the house was unnervingly quiet. She had expected Isio to be asleep when she peered at her face. Her […]

Say You Will Stay

Say You Will Stay will be back tomorrow night.  Very late though. Please check in Monday morning if you can’t wait up. I’m so sorry I’m just letting you know now. I haven’t had internet access all day. I’m struggling to keep up with the Saturdays at the moment. As some of you know, everything is a bit hectic at […]


It wasn’t light streaking into the room that woke Biba up. It was the voice of the woman by the door. She winced as she woke completely. Realising that the taut body next to her had not been imagined. That the time when he pinned her hands to the bed and he teased her with his tongue had not been […]


I apologise for the wrong link that went out yesterday. I would have put the post out but it wasn’t ready then. You can read the episode now. Thanks for your patience. Special hello to Titi and everyone else that notified us. Have a fabulous week. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE *** *** ***   […]


I’m sorry I’m late, please forgive me. Thanks to all those that reached out last week. My laptop is fine and I bought a new charger. It’s just other appliances in the house that packed up because of this electrical-wiring drama. They are tearing things down, rewiring the house as I speak. Anyway, enough about me there are people out […]

Say You Will Stay =SIXTEEN=

I  burnt myself  trying to get this episode out earlier. My laptop’s charger was on fire (faulty electrics- long story )  I pulled the charger off the laptop without thinking. I hadn’t backed up the work. Anyway, the laptop is fine. Thank God because 2017 has been super hectic. Hope you are all doing good. Have a fabulous weekend. Catch […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 9

It’s Day 9 Yarners and we’re gradually coasting to the endpoint of our Christmas special. We have your favourite Olajumoke in the world in the building *smiles*, and she brings you some more Christmas cheer. P.S: Look out for “The Task” after the story – It holds the key to unlocking Day 9. ** *** ***  //Say You Will Stay […]

12 Days Of Christmas – Day 1

Hello Yarners, welcome to Day 1 of the much talked about “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS“. They say the “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS“ traditionally counts from Christmas day, but the A!Team has decided to flip the script to bring it to you 10 days early. Enjoy as Jumoke serves you the first dish. P.S: Look out for “The Task” after the story – […]

Say You Will Stay =TWELVE=

Hello Yarners, something cool will be happening right here this Christmas – and it’s something I’m sure you dont want to miss. If you missed the announcement, just click HERE And for our feature presentation for the day, enjoy “Say You Will Stay 12” and don’t forget to drop your thoughts. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will […]

Say You will Stay =Eleven=

So, I fell asleep whilst trying to edit this post last Friday. I came back from work after one hectic week, got sorted and drank three cups of coffee. I even set my alarm. And sat up (no one falls asleep sat up, right?) I was wrong. I’m afraid I slept through the alarm and the coffee. Totally unaware anyone […]

Say You Will Stay =TEN=

I’m so sorry for the lateness of this post. I just didn’t have the much needed strength to work on the post after writing. Have a fabulous weekend. Thanks for understanding. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE *** *** ***   He found her in his bedroom, clutching the bedsheet she had taken off the bed. She was […]

Say You Will Stay =NINE=

  Hello Yarners, We trust your weekend is going smoothly – well this is sure going to make it even better, though it’s coming slightly behind schedule. Enjoy every bit of it and drop your thoughts. Catch up on previous episodes of “Say You Will Stay” HERE *** *** ***   Biba had gone out by the time they woke up. When they […]

Say You Will Stay

We had a technical problem Friday night which affected our email notification Saturday morning. For those that didn’t get the notification, here is the link to Saturday morning’s episode. You can access the series via the homepage or menu too. Try not to leave what you need to do today for tomorrow. You never know what opportunities are out […]

Say You Will Stay =EIGHT=

  “Protective Charm will be live on radio on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, with Olajumoke, the Midnight Mistress,  on Smooth 98.1 by 10pm.” Hi, hope your week has gone well? We apologise for the computer error with this post. You can read it now. Some of you may have come across Girls, my series on, Sally’s amazing blog. Thanks to […]


Hi, Jumoke here. Hope your week is going okay. Thanks for reading. Please leave comments below. One liners allowed. Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** *** Obinna did not let his back rest fully on the armchair. He sat almost on its edge, phone in hand. Going through his messages with a purposeful, occupied look on his face. She was […]

Say You Will Stay =Six=

Hi, your  girl here. Hope you are all doing great. Thanks for all the lovely comments last week. A couple of announcements. Banky’s thrilling story, The Bishop will be featured on Tales at Night Time next Thursday at 10pm. Please tune in to Smooth FM to hear Jumoke read The Bishop. And if you haven’t read it, here is your […]

Say You Will Stay =Five=

  Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** *** Isio had been on her bed for a while before she heard a quiet knock on her door. She had been sat, ears pricked up to every sound, unable to go in the kitchen or the bathroom. Biba came in, armed with a forced smile. “You okay babe? Do you want me […]

Say You Will Stay =Four=

  Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** *** It took a while to open the bottle of Supermalt she offered him. The bottle opener slipped out of her hand twice. She did not smile when she caught him staring at her from where he was sat. It felt like he was next to her, his hands around her. It was […]

Say You Will Stay =Three=

I saw all the comments, thank you. Nnenna, Titi, Sister J, Abiola, Datoks, Nai, Praise Moses, Tbone  and Gbemmy. I will respond to the comments I didn’t get to as soon as I have a sec. Please understand how important these comments are to us. They are what keep us going. I have missed much needed sleep to get this […]

Say You Will Stay =Two=

Hello Yarners, It’s the second installment of our running serial – Say You Will Stay – Enjoy and drop your thoughts. Catch up on previous episodes HERE *** *** ***   Obinna’s laughter although deep and distinct did not sound as loud as his friend’s. The man’s laughter started with a sputtering burst swallowing his part of the conversation. He was dark […]

Say You Will Stay =Pilot=

Hello Yarners, A! Serials are what they are – beautiful… and today we’ll be starting off another beautiful serial – Say You Will Stay – from our very own Olajumoke Omisore. This is the Pilot – so do enjoy it and let the yarns keep flowing – drop a feedback.   ***  //-Pilot//   “You are too sexy. I want […]