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The Voice She Heard

Hello Yarners, I trust we had a lovely week? we’re counting down to to our Christmas Special, “12 Days Of Christmas” and I can’t believe we’re only 5 days away, Thursday, 15th December, 2016. (Click HERE if you missed the announcement). The Team is raring to go and I know you’re all set too – this is why we’re bringing you something […]


  “This story will be live on radio on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, with Olajumoke, the Midnight Mistress,  on Smooth 98.1 by 10pm.” Hello Yarners, it’s Daniel up in here and it’s my privilege to welcome you to another superb presentation – Olajumoke has been doing a great job. Quick one. Our running serial, “Say You Will Stay”, will return […]


September smells fresh. And it’s feels like we’ve been gone for 14 years. An A! Serial by Olajumoke Omisore Premieres on Saturday 10th of September, 2016 but here is a fantastic piece by one of our own, Bankole Banjo, enjoy! ** *** ***  Ray’s submission was as expected. Having contributed several short stories to Jaguda Quarterly, the young writer’s love for […]


Hello Yarners, it feels great to be back! Did you miss us? Yea… we missed you too – Let me start by wishing a huge supporter of the Team – @Mz Eluanza – who celebrates her birthday tomorrow – a happy birthday from the house – Enjoy your new age! We’ll be dropping a couple of announcements in the coming […]


Hello Yarners, trust you had a great ride with Playing The Love Game, I did… Jumoke did a great job as usual. Big Announcement… erm … the Team is going on a half time break for the month of July to resume on Saturday, the 6th of August, 2016. Trust me, the break is so that we can come back […]


Onoja's Orgasm

Hello Yarners, trust your week is going very well and for those of us in Lagos, Nigeria – how are you ‘liking’ this rain? Here’s a flash from moi and I trust you’d like it – Do drop a feedback if you don’t and drop a feedback if you do *winks*. ** *** ***  My heart beat violently against my chest […]


Hello Yarners, trust your week is going very well – We have another fantastic piece by Banjo Sijuade… and if you’ve been with us for a while (welcome to all newbies), you know we only bring you best. Enjoy and drop a feedback. ** *** ***  The funeral started late. Heavy rainfall, coupled with the short timing, could not rob the […]


Hello Yarners – It’s another beautiful day and it’s just about to get even more beautiful as we present our Thursday feature. A big announcement – our Thursday slots for now will be dedicated to serving you short stories from absolutely brilliant writers whose works we’re sure you’d love. Therefore our running serial, Playing The Love Game will return to the Saturday […]


Tales from the other side

The first thing I felt when I was asked to be part of the Tales From the Other Side Anthology alongside Daniel and thirteen other writers was sheer horror. You see, I’m not one of those writers that work fine when the word ‘deadline’ is being thrown about. This is why I don’t do workshops. Daniel and a few other writers […]


when things change

Heyoo Yarners, wassup? Playing The Game is over but do you realise that only one Grand Prize Winner was announced instead of two? Well nobody is saying anything about it, abi una tink say we don scam una? or you think we’ve scammed you guys? Nah! We always keep our promises and that’s why the winner of our second grand prize […]


Hello Yarners, trust you’ve been having a great time as our very own Jummyarn has been serving us delicacy after delicacy. The Premiere of our second serial of the year. ‘Playing The Game – By Olajumoke Omisore’ is slated for June 6th and  it promises to be badt! Today is King Larry’s birthday -and the A! Team is sending a […]


  Hey Yarners, this is our second installment of the short story month. This one – written by your girl a few years back –is a piece I’m  sure you’d enjoy. Here is wishing you a fantastic day. Enjoy.         *****  ****** ***** *****  ***** ******  *******  *******   I couldn’t let go.The last time I let go, […]


  Hi, hope you have all had a good week. For the next four weeks we will be bringing you short stories as we count down to the start of our second series this year, Playing the Game which starts on the 6th of June. Congrats to our very own Tbone who had a baby boy a few days ago. […]


The Wages Of Sin Today’s feature presentation is from Banjo Bankole Sijuade, and it brings to a close this special Month of Features package, to mark our one year milestone. It is our way of appreciating the works of other writers but most especially, it’s our way of celebrating you, our reader. Enjoy ‘The Wages Of Sin‘ by Banjo Sijuade. […]


Love-volution I saw you and my heart stopped Twas in front of the bank and I got robbed Not of cash bills but my heartbeat And ever since, I’ve been lovesick Tall and caramel coloured Sculptured like an hour glass Turned this sharp man to an obolor But I wouldn’t let this chance pass Spoke my heart in a poem […]


Papa ASUU how far? The DJ who was garbed in full Bayelsan outfit had the popular Omawunmi track ‘if you ask me?’ playing as my family arrived. I could see my younger brother mouthing the lyrics of the song as he stepped into the sitting room, his eyes wandering, probably searching for me. Who plays that in a naming ceremony […]


children’s pranks I have been off the record from off the record for a while *winks* (I like the way that sounds) and I think there’s no better way to come back on the record than through a holiday edition. *Nigerians are enjoying a holiday via a muslim celebration* Not too long ago we got talking about the bedroom flat […]


Confessions of a Rapist I had to make this confession because something in me is forcing me to – don’t offer your suggestion of a conscience, cos I don’t have one anymore – I remember clearly the events preceding that D-day, It was 2 years ago, December 2010 to be precise. How could I ever forget? Make una make sure […]

The 'BED-ROOM FLAT' Generation

Its a beautiful feeling hearing the sweet shrieks of playful children as they run around the sitting room. I was immersed in this sweetness as I watched my nieces run around with so much energy when it dawned on me that something was wrong. Like gas molecules they just seemed to be zapping around inside a container, they had so […]